November 17, 2019

Ep 8 - Frederica

Lufra and Charis send us into a pronunciation tailspin in this episode, but we still find time to discuss whether we'd drink warm milk from cows in Green Park, and if it's possible for Charis to be that beautiful.

We also consider setting up our own YouTube channel dedicated to us trying to replicate different styles of neckcloth, from the Mathematical to the Oriental. You'd watch that right?

But mostly in this episode we talk about the characters that make this book such a fan favourite - Alverstoke, Felix, Jessamy, and Frederica herself. By the end we're just reading out our best bits and trying not to cry at how lovely it all is.

And for the Mr Charles Trevor fans out there - we stand with you. That man's the very definition of quietly capable, and we've made plans for his future adventures.

“I didn’t smuggle the dog into the country; I merely caused him to be smuggled out of Baluchistan.”

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