September 20, 2019

Ep 6 - Arabella

What a romance! Carriage rides together, intimate heart to heart conversations, and soulful looks - and that's just Mr Beaumaris and Ulysses.

Meanwhile Arabella, social justice warrior, puts her privilege to good use saving urchins, dogs and Mr Beaumaris from a life of fashionable ennui.

And then there's the infamous Leaky Peg - kind-hearted slattern and saviour of drunken young men. We salute you Peg, may your leak never be plugged.

“Do you know,’ she said slowly, ‘I have just thought – Mr Beaumaris, something tells me that Lady Bridlington may not like this dear little dog!’ Mr Beaumaris waited in patient resignation for his certain fate to descend upon him.”

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